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WSJ: World population on target to reach 8 BILLION

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Global population according to the United Nations (UN), the United States Census Bureau (USCB), the World Bank (WB) and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysts (IIASA), is projected to be in the order of 8 BILLION by the year 2025 - yup.....that's only 15 years from now! Today, it stands at over 6.88 Billion and counting.  A global population of 8 Billion people, including infants and children will require, buy and consume appropriate goods and services in order to flourish. The business savvy team of enterprising visionaries at San Francisco Bay Area powerhouse; 8BillionBUYERS has created its own proprietary infrastructure that strategically positions Merchants and Advertisers to reap significant benefits with this massive worldwide purchasing force. By building a presence at http://www.8BillionBUYERS.com, Sellers who are first to market with a presence in this robust infrastructure; are in effect building a critical mass of popular support.

While still operating in stealth mode, several months before 8BillionBUYERS announces its official launch (slated for Q4 of 2010), Fortune 500 companies and others in the major league clamored to allign itself with this powerhouse. So far, a partial list of its selected elite strategic merchant partners includes; Microsoft, Walgreens, GoDaddy, Match.com, OfficeDepot, QuickBooks, iPower, BestBuy, Bernes and Noble, CompUSA, eFax, Geeks.com, Equifax, Airfare.com, 1and1, Air France and Addidas.

8BillionBUYERS estimates that by the time it opens its doors, practically every single major merchant and advertiser eager to boost its presence in national and international markets and more importantly, to offer its goods and services to every single one of the world's buyers will have aligned itself with its infrastructure.

For buyers worldwide, the extravaganza of merchants and advertisers all in one place will be outstanding, but what's even more spectacular is the up to 20% Contributions they or their chosen Causes, Schools or Companies gets as a result of their shopping! On top of this, buyers also benefit from a startling array of amazingly attractive coupons, discounts and deals.

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