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From Tiananmen Square student leader protestor to Warren Buffett Successor

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I came across a Wall Street Journal article today - yup, a necessary evil ("perk" as it were, from having way too many airline miles) (can't wait till my paper subscription expires - I'd rather much rather revert  to getting my news online) - which speculates that Li Lu, a Chinese born hedge fund manager with close personal ties to Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman and long time Buffet friend and mentor Charlie Munger, may succeed Warren Buffett. Upon closer reading, I found out that the Chinese-American Li Lu, 44 will likely manage "a part of" Berkshire's portfolio as "one of" BRK's top money managers.

Buffett, 79, has no current plans to step down from Berkshire Hathaway, which has helped him amass an estimated $47 billion fortune, but the Journal reported that Li, 44, would be the next in line when he does. Li founded   the fund  management business Himalaya Capital Management in 1997, and was a student leader at the  Tiananmen Square protests  in China. According to Buffett, Li’s hedge funds have seen an annualized compound return of 26.4 percent since 1998, compared to the 2.25 percent in the same period for the Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index. Li introduce Munger to Chinese battery and auto maker BYD Co., an investment that has made Berkshire $1.2 billion.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Li told investors  he took a lesson from watching the World Cup, comparing his investment style to soccer. "You may very well work extremely hard and seldom score," he says. "But occasionally—very occasionally—you get one or two great chances and you make decisive strikes that really matter."  

What piqued my interest was not the fact that a Chinese man from very humble beginnings, fighting against all odds, involved in one of the most controversial protests in Communist China thousands of miles away........would later befriend someone who had very close ties with another man - who just happened to be the weathiest on earth........and possibly end up succeeding the most influential and uber-successful billionaires the world has ever known........rather, it was that:

 With the right mind set, passion and determination, YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!
2.   Your network determines your networth
3.   You can turn your negatives into fuel for driving your successes
4.   If you think you think big, go ahead and kick it up a billion notches - yeah, THINK WAAAYYY BIGGER THAN BIG!
5.   Give your very best, when when you think no one notices - the ones that matter always notice

6.   Expect the best outcome - don't rent space in your mind for anything less.






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