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How to ALWAYS score the best deals.....Mobile Apps with instant price comparisons

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How to ALWAYS score the best deals.....Mobile Apps with instant price comparisons - what it's what Bricks and Mortar Retailers fear most about Online Shopping. While having a friend over for dinner one evening, I was bemused to find him waving his Smart Phone taking pictures of my kitchen appliances, books, pottery, vase and pretty much everything in sight! That night I found out about Apps that scan barcodes; instantly comparison shops and tells you where you can buy the exact things (oftentimes much cheaper) online!

I had to get out of the digital domain that is my world (hey, don’t judge me!) and test this in the “real world”, so I walked into a large computer store to browse at some new laptops. The couple next to me did what I would have done ions ago - check out the three or four similar models on the shelf then dropped the one they wanted into their cart. I waved my smart phone over the Sony Vaio I had my eyes on and presto - instantly comparison shopped - logged into 8BillionBUYERS, then bought it online - saved $107 just by waving my hand AND earned money towards charity! It’s the coolest thing - interestingly, it wasn’t the $107 savings I got a real kick out of, it was knowing I’ve now got the power to get the best deal out there - anytime, anywhere instantly! Due Diligence, Smart Comparison Shopping, Cost Savings and Philanthropy; all in the palm of your hands! 4 more reason I’ll always shop online!!

Check out these Price Comparison and Barcode Scanning Apps:

- reads barcodes with a smartphone camera and automatically compares prices among tens of thousands of retailers; it offers product reviews as well. (Free for Android and iPhone.)

Red Laser - by Occipital, was the first player in bar-code scanning and has amazingly good scanning tech (Owned by online auction giant eBay

(Free foriPhone.)

Amazon Mobile - Amazon (AMZN) just rolled out the latest version of its own barcode-scanning and price-comparison application,

Save Benjis - puts a comprehensive price comparison iPhone app in your hands. The strength of this app is the ability to compare a product across multiple vendors. You can search by the product name, bar code (useful!), manufacturer, keyword, and a half dozen other criteria. It also has the ability to add product reviews. (99 cents, Free foriPhone.)

Compare Everywhere - Android barcode-scanning app that compares prices and can tap in Android's GPS capability to give turn-by-turn directions to nearby stores stocking the item (Free for Android.)

Compare Me - simplifies per-ounce or per-pound comparisons between products and handles both English and metric volume units as well as number of pieces. (Free oniPhone.)

pic2shop - scans product barcodes and quickly pulls up prices from thousands of Online stores. The latest version offers vastly improved scanning, it's free.



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