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Obama's $750 Million

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Right after the Presidential Elections, I read online that the bulk of President Obama's fundraising  campaign amount of $750Million came from millions of grassroot donors who gave $5, $10 and $100. It kinda put into perspective that maybe the $39 I earned in Contributions at 8BillionBUYERS was no paltry sum.

Recently, I logged into 8BillionBUYERS, (Gawd, it was so easy!) chose my fav animal charity, went to Priceline and bought air and cruise tickets.The best part was, I'm now officially an 8BillionBUYERS "Philanthropist"!! LOL! You know how most of us think we have to be 'Gazillionaires' to make an impact or to be known as a Philanthropist? Soooo not true! OK, so I 'm a bona fide Philanthropist now (HA!) and it feels GGGREAT!! My Contributions - by itself not enough to impact any Cause but hey - if Obama can raise $750 Million during his Presidential campaign (for politics, mind you - not for charity!) from millions of donors - many of whom gave $5, $10, $100 then we're headed in the right direction!

BTW, I didn't take ANY extra money out of my own pocket, my family and I already planned on taking our vacation and buying cheap  travel tickets online  - all it took was seconds to register at 8BillionBUYERS, it was FREE and it felt like found money that I just directed to do something good for someone else, ya know?


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