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8BillionBUYERS supports California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF)

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8BillionBUYERS supports The Arts and Independent Filmmakers and was present at the 13th Annual California Independent Film Festival, (non-profit 501(c)3) which runs from January 28th - February 3rd, 2011 at The New Rheem Theatre in Moraga, CA. Also present were Tess Harper (CAIFF 2011 Slate Award - Lifetime Achievement, Little Mary Sunshine, The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, A Christmas Wish, Gret's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, A Stranger to Love , Amityville 3-D), Lou Diamond Phillips (Maverick Award, Golden Globe and Tony Award Nominee, films include La Bamba, Young Guns, Renegades, Courage Under Fire and Sioux City ), Actress/ Director Lea Thompson (Diamond Award, films include Back to the Future Trilogy with Michael J. Fox, Caroline in the City, Jaws 3, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Little Rascals, Dennis the Menace, SpaceCamp and Stealing Christmas starring Tony Danza and Betty White), Producer, Director and Actor Don Most (Ralph Malph in Happy Days with Actor, Producer, Director Ron Howard and Henry Winkler, Men of a Certain Age, Star Trek: Voyager, Edtv, Baywatch, The Love Boat, CHiPs, Huckleberry Finn, Police Story, Bones, The Yankles) and his wife, actress Morgan Hart (Happy Days, Riptide, Eight is Enough, Dallas, The Incredible Hulk, Vega$, My Wicked Wicked Ways...The Legend of Errol Flynn), Shorty 'Pit Boss' Rossi was accompanied by Hercules (Pit Boss on Animal Planet)

Festival Founder and President of CAIFF Derek Zemrak, himself a Writer, Producer and Director, Ken Parks, VP, MTV (Pranked, Batman Returns, Unforgiven, Boiling Points, also worked at Warner Bros, Universal Studios, ABC TV and Columbia Pictures), Toshiya Kubo (Media Producer and Representative of Maverick Creative Works, Producer of SAPPORO Short Fest), Emmy Award Winner Producerm Writer and Director Mary Lou Bell (Monk, The Game, The Hugleys, Major Dad, Misconceptions), Peter Crooks, Senior Editor and Writer at Diablo magazine, movie critic for KFRC and KSAN, appeared on KPIC's Eye on the Bay, KRON's Bay Area Backroads (TV host Doug McConnell), Frosene Phillips (columnist for Bay Area News Group covering Restaurants and Entertainment around the San Francisco Bay Area), Producer, Actor Dane Andrew (Total Entertainment News which can be seen on Extra, Inside Edition)  was accompanied by 'Rascal' proclaimed as the Ugliest Dog (The Adventures of Scanky Doo).

Past Slate Award Winners include Richard Dreyfuss, Ed Asner, John Badhman, Pauly Shore, Linda Gray, Penny Marshall, Mark Rydell, Loni Anderson, Toni Curtis, Cloris Leachman and Martin Landau.

Management and staff of 8BillionBUYERS as well as Saint Mary's College, the CAIFF Board and Management, Presenters, Filmmakers, Nominees, Benefactors, Judges, Sponsors and many others helped make the 13th Annual California Independent Film Festival a truly memorable event!


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